Thoughtful, engaging graphic design, crafted with love.


 Your brand is your story. Its the personality of your business. It’s also what distinguishes you from your competitors. We combine dedicated research with close client involvement to create rich, concise and flexible visual systems—the visual language that tells your story and gets you remembered.

Logo Design

As the cornerstone of branding, your logo distills your business personality. It’s the visual symbol that makes your presence truly unique.

At LA Creates, we combine market research and in-depth client consultation with extensive design exploration to craft enduring logos that capture the vision and essence of your business.


 It has been said that Illustration is the work horse of Art. Far more than a simple pretty picture, Illustration is really a complex visual apparatus used to convey understanding. It engages and captivates us by employing our senses, inspiring our curiosity and by instilling a sense of familiarity—a shared experience. And it’s often what transforms brands from mundane to magnificent.